Facebook Your Invite!

by Mary-Ann

I love receiving an unknown envelope in the post. Something that isn't another bill, or a demand, or an appointment. But they really do not happen often.

Occasionally though, you get that little colored envelope that can brighten your whole day!

Communications are evolving though, and I've had a predicament about my daughter's 1st birthday.
The actual day falls mid-week. As I work alternate weekends, I will be working the one following her birthday but not the one before.

This makes it the ideal date to mark her day...except for one small detail, it's Easter weekend.

With our family and circle of friends, many of them take the opportunities of the bank holidays and are away Easter weekend. I need to know roughly how many people can make this day, before I book anything.

It doesn't quite seem right to me to have the 'Save the Date' for a first birthday, so what to do!?

On looking for inspiration (she's our third child, so it would be nice to do something a little different), I have scanned the Internet, childcare books and talked to some close friends. I've come up with the idea of going to the Zoo!

There is something for everyone at the zoo, whether your in a pram or on two feet. As for my daughter she loves different animals, so this should be nicely entertaining for her.

It was then that it struck me I could use Facebook to 'invite' people to the event.

I created the event using their interface, and it was really quite easy to do. I've worded the invite, added the location (by linking to the Zoo's Facebook page), and the time that we will be arriving.

I've invited all family and friends, and am using their responses to gauge how big the Birthday cake has to be. :-)

So although I don't wish to see the end of the bright colored envelopes through my letterbox, I do appreciate the onward advancement in communications, which has allowed me to organize this event. :-)

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